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SHUA HOEXTER - sax, vocals

GEDALIAH ARONSON - guitar, vocals

SRULI BROOCKER - harmonica, vocals

JULES COULSON - drums, vocals

RYAN KANTNER - bass, vocals

ERIC MATLOCK - keys, vocalsPi

Since 2015, Chillent's unique "soul stew" of Jewish-flavored funk, rock, jazz, and blues has heated up Pittsburgh's favorite venues, festivals, and airwaves.


Their energetic live performances have been described as "klezmer Phish," and "Maceo Parker at a bar mitzvah."  


They have played shows and festivals with Matisyahu, G-Nome Project, Moshav, Soulfarm, Zusha, Magic Beans, and Flux Capacitor, and their appearance at City Winery NYC's klezmer brunch was the series' most attended performance.

Jewish Soul Stew, their acclaimed debut album, was released in the summer of 2017, and their follow up, Live Chillent: Vol 1, was released in the summer of 2019.



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